After the official deadline for application on the 28th February 2021 all candidates will be sighted by the team of Initiative Pop. Out of all applications, 40 transmittals will be considered for the short list. These candidates will be contacted and interviewed via the internet to establish a first meet-up and gain further knowledge about individual interests and skillsets. Afterwards the team of Initiative Pop will arrange a learning group and contact all participants about their selection for the 12-month-long education program.

Who can apply for Initiative Pop?
Requirements for a successful application:


  • You’re a Young Business Professional, young artist, fresh music market player, beginning entrepreneur.
  • You want work in the music business (long term) and have already made first steps
  • You are from the Greater Region (GER/FR/BEL/LUX). What is the Greater Region?
  • You want to take part in. a 12-month-long education program and will participate on a regular basis (digital / analog). More on the timeline and content here.
  • You aim at being successful in your field of interest.
  • You are open-minded, committed, able to cooperate and to take criticism
  • You want to establish a business in the music business
  • You’ve already made first experiences on the music market and maybe already finished your first qualification in this field.