The project

Initiative Pop – Do It Yourself Music Business Training & Education

Initiative Pop has tasked itself with providing young and ambitious participants in the music market, with a contemporary and efficient tool kit for the independent realization of own projects in the fields of music management, booking, promotion, distribution and many more.

According to the motto “Learn to DIY!” Initiative Pop helps its participants to acquire important and contemporary skills, in the fields of Content-Creation, Business Development, Networking, Marketing & Communication, to develop their fresh music business idea into a long-term successful business.

The unique characteristic of Initiative Pop lies in the cross-border cooperation between the various players of popular music in the Greater Region (France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Saarland and Rhineland-Palatinate) & the extensive networking of these players is an essential part of Initiative Pop.

The target group

Young professionals & ambitious participants in the music market

The target group of Initiative Pop is all Young Business Professional, young artist, fresh music market player, beginning entrepreneurs of the greater region, who are willing to take part in. a 12-month-long education program and will participate on a regular basis (digital / analog. The focus lies on popular music culture, in which bands and artists from any music genre are located, as well as all other players in the music market (bookers, organizers, promoters, publishers, label operators, etc.).

More on the application details here.

The concept

Cross-border music business seminars

Initiative Pop has developed an extensive education program for ambitious young participants and young professionals of the Greater Region.

In a 12-month period, 40 participants will work together with a team of six docents and several guest lecturers, in a two-part concept. The content will be primarily imparted via digital systems (live online webinars, digital panels, …) and supported by selected physical meetings.

Part I 

Knowledge Transfer and Workshops, Panels in the fields of Marketing, Booking, Distribution, Creation, Finances, Business Developement and Organization. You can find an extensive and detailed visualization of all contents in Part I here.

Part II 

Realization of a project work. In small groups and under the supervision of experienced mentors, the participants carry out their own projects in the Greater Region.

e.g. Mini-Festival, Mini-Tour, Release of a product, setup of a brand, start of an agency, or others.

You can find an extensive and detailed visualization of all possible contents & projects in Part II here.

During all these actions and beyond, the establishment of an extensive network and  a fruitful cooperation is always a core principal of Initiative Pop.

The Timeline

selection – sessions – presentation

You can find the recent timeline & workload right here (.pdf-format).

The Team

Lecturers & Mentors

Geraldine Zanaska
Géraldine Zanaska • Supervisor Modul I
Claire Morel ©Mathieu Foucher
Emily Gonneau • Supervisor Modul II
Philipp Oppenhäuser
Philipp Oppenhäuser • Supervisor Modul III
Claire Morel ©Mathieu Foucher
Claire Morel • Supervisor Modul IV
florent le duc
Florent Le Duc • Didicatical Supervisor
Robert Grosse
Robert Grosse • Assisting Supervisor

Markus Graf
Markus Graf • Project leader
Jean-Christophe Gerard • Project manager
Jean-Christophe Gerard • Project manager
Florian Sczesny • Project manager
Florian Sczesny • Project manager
The area

The Greater Region

The Greater Region is located in the historic core of Europe, less than 300 km away from Paris, Brussels, Rotterdam and Frankfurt and less than 600 km away from London, Berlin, Prague and Milan. Geographically, the Greater Region is placed in the middle of the large metropolitan areas of Brussels, Rhine-Ruhr, Rhine-Main, Rhine-Neckar, Basel-Mulhouse and Paris. It is composed of the following subregions:

  • Germany: Saarland and Rhineland-Palatinate
  • France: Lorraine, now part of the Grand Est region
  • Luxembourg: the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
  • Belgium: Wallonia, the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles and the German-speaking community

On January 1, 2015, the Greater Region counted more than 11.5 million people. This corresponds to 2.3% of the total population of the European Union (EU-28). With four million people Rhineland-Palatinate is by far the most populous sub-region closely followed by Wallonia with 3.6 million people (including the German-speaking community of Belgium with 76,000 people). In third place stands Lorraine with 2.34 million people at the beginning of 2013 (plus 3.21 million residents from the rest of the Grand Est region).

Saarland and Luxembourg as the smallest subregions count half or a little bit more million people (source:

Initiative Pop


pop rlp

pop rlp is the brand for promoting popular music culture in Rhineland-Palatinate in Germany. The focus is on supporting young music creators, networking of all players in the industry and demand-oriented further education. Here, popular music will be promoted in all its stylistic range.

pop rlp works closely with international industry specialists, music companies, festivals / venue operators and political decision-makers to establish long-term support for pop music in Rhineland-Palatinate. For this purpose, it develops sustainable projects and funding models in order to constantly improve the working conditions for aspiring artists.


L’Autre Canal

L’Autre Canal is a public cultural institution for popular music in Nancy. It has two concert halls (350 and 1,300 standing places), rehearsal rooms and recording studios. L’Autre Canal has set itself the task of bringing regional, national and international artists to the stage, discovering and spreading new trends and at the same time ensuring the diversity of aesthetics.

L’Autre Canal supports and promotes young local artists, offers training in all sectors within the music industry and meetings with experienced artists and coaches. L’Autre Canal focuses on cross-border exchange and has been coordinating the activities of the Multipistes network since 2012.

L’Autre Canal is a public body for cultural cooperation and is managed by the city of Nancy, the Grand Est region and the French Ministry of Culture, and is supported by the Grand Nancy City Council.


///////////// Associate network partners

Multipistes Network

The Multipistes program, funded by the EU as part of Interreg IVA, has successfully proven in recent years that pop music funding in the Greater Region is promising. Multipistes dealt with the training and professionalization of bands during the EU funding down to the present day. The need for professional and high-quality further education is equally present in all regions and thus the Multipistes network offers the perfect starting point and the necessary know-how for the offers of Initiative Pop.


///////////// Funding partners
The concept phase of Initiative Pop is currently funded by the association “Kulturraum Großregion”, the Rhineland-Palatinate Foundation for Culture and the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Saarland.